Write. Edit. Repeat.

My name is Anna and I’m the author of two novels and a short story series. The craft of writing requires time and discipline, a balance I’ve struggled with these past nine years. They say there is no greater teacher than being an avid reader and simply rolling up your sleeves and getting to work putting pen to paper, fingers to keys. But after hitting several roadblocks in my writing career, I quickly learned that it’s not so simple. From rules or lack thereof to character development, pacing, style, outlining, writing sequels, and more. I want to explore all there is to know.

Hundreds of well-written resources are already available to properly teach you the art of writing, my blog will focus on a selection of advice that is a step above beginner and falls primarily into the category of interesting and unique. I’ll read all those helpful writer’s books, so you don’t have to, and give you snapshots of the very best tips and instruction they have to offer.

Hope to see you here again.


Anna Soliveres is the author of The Modi Series & short story series titled: Code Name Ghost


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